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Cat in the mirror

What Kitty does when she gazes into the mirror gives clues to what goes on in her mind. Some cats initially see their reflection as a potential playmate, while others ignore it. Kitty’s reaction offers hints about what she sees when she stares at her own pretty face.

Cats vs. dogs – which is healthier?

It is generally believed that pet ownership provides indisputable benefits and significantly contribute to better quality of life. It is easy to explain because pets guarantee a good mood and positive emotions, they grant their owners loyalty and love them unconditionally. Unlike human relationships, the relationships with animals are more simple and stable. You will never expect your pet to betray you or let you down. They will not cheat, and you will never break up with them. Some physiological tests carried out among elderly people showed that even petting and cuddling a cat or a dog can lower your blood pressure. It is true that for senior people owning a pet can give a new lease of life. However, the question is which animal to own and whether it is better to adopt dog or cat.


Talking about active lifestyle, it is possible to say, that the dog owners are more energetic and physically trained due to long walks in the parks and playing different outdoor games with their doggy. What is more, during such walk people meet other owners, communicate with them, share their emotions and discuss various problems. Undoubtedly, this contact with other people is also good to health. Believe it or not, but dogs might be especially valuable for those people suffering from diabetes. Of course, the greatest advantage of these pets might be seen in that fact that they will never tease you with the slice of delicious food which is in your list of forbidden ingredients. This is a great plus too. If something happens with the owner, the loyal dogs with try to draw other people’s attention by barking for hours. It is possible to train a dog to fetch different objects like a bottle of water, blood test, and syringe with insulin which can help come with hypoglycaemia. Dogs also can act a brace for a person who wants to get up after losing consciousness from hypos. Nowadays, there are special organizations like Dogs4Diabetics which trains dogs to save their owners’ lives. If you visit their official site, you fill find out more about their services.


When it comes to owning a cat, these fluffy animals are also very useful in terms of reducing stress. If the owner is depressed or down in the dumps, it is enough to cuddle and pet his or her cat and he will immediately feel how his heart rhythm slows down, blood pressure lowers. Petting a cat is very relaxing activity and bring real pleasure, so you can easily calm down and forget about your problems and hustle and bustle surrounding you. There are different studies conducted by various respectable organizations such as American Cardiology Association and universities such as University of Minnesota to find out which pet is able to reduce the risk of heart attack – cats or dogs. It is interesting that the scientists who were involved in the studies concluded that cats are better animals to protect people from heat attacks than dogs, whereas those having a dog have higher chances to survive in case this heart attack happens.

Your decision to take cats for adoption or dogs for adoption totally depends on your lifestyle and possible problems with health, but remember, that whichever pet you prefer, you will not regret owning it because both cats and dogs are a great source of positive emotions.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Photography of Friendships Between Pigs and Cats

There are many people out there that believe that animals are simple dumb beasts, but the unlikely animal friendships we’ve gathered here will prove that they are capable of feeling love and compassion just like we are. Of Course, all of these pictures are heartbreakingly adorable, but there’s more to it than that. Why did these animals form their friendships? Whatever the reason may be, unusual friendships like these show that animals may be far more emotionally complex than many of us believe. [Read more…]

Golden Retriever Adopted Tiny Kitten…

What happened after the cutest tiny kitten met this Golden Retriever stole my heart. Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her own mother. Lost and alone, Ichimi had a slim chance of survival on her own. Luckily, the orphaned kitten was rescued into a loving family. Ichimi’s new family has fostered many homeless kittens, so Ichimi’s arrival at their home was accepted by all of the other pets in the family. But the moment Ponzu the Golden Retriever saw Ichimi, he instantly fell in love and started caring for her.

Golden_Retriever_and_kitten_ [Read more…]

Happy Birthday

Pet parties are one of the newest crazes; birthday and holiday parties with and for pets. They include activities and goodies for both the pets and their humans. Pet ‘birthday’ parties top the list, especially for dogs and then cat parties rank as a distant second. They vary from a group of pet owners and their pets going to lunch or dinner at a pet friendly restaurant to parties at the park or backyard house events.
Happy Birthday [Read more…]

Fun on the yacht

We’ve all seen those funny pictures of fat cats, some are even on greeting cards along with birthday jokes about eating all the cake. They are cute, funny and you just want to hug that fat cat. The truth is that these fat cats are not as healthy as they should be. Fat cats need exercise, most indoor cats will turn into couch potatoes if you let them. Indoor kitties need exercise and most will not run and play without being helped a bit.

Cat toys are an important part of your cats’ health. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt, run and chase moving things (birds, butterflies, etc), toys prevent boredom and provide entertainment not only for your cat but for you as well, watching a cat play is fun and entertaining.
Fun on the yacht_ [Read more…]

Cutest Escape

All kittens are uniquely cute in their own way. Cats are owned for a variety of reasons. They make us laugh, they make us smile, they even contribute to the holistic well-being of their owners! These cutest kittens on earth contribute to the health benefit of those people who love them, such as reduction of blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and increased sense of well-being.

Cat life is great

Ah, the cat life is great; spring arrives, weather is nice and there is nothing better than relax on the doorstep. No one doubts that you ate all of biscuits that were on the table. If you’re lucky, they might blame it on the dog.

Cat life [Read more…]

Bird Cat

So what does someone who likes birds do when there are feral cats around or when the neighbor’s cat comes into your yard looking for a snack? Ideally you should place your birdhouse as high into the bird’s habitable zone as you can, but this cat obviously has no problem with that.

Magical Photo of Baby and Cat on Snow

Russian Photographer and Mother Elena Shumilova started taking photographs of her two sons playing with the animals they have on their family farm. She has always admired the beauty of the natural surrounding on their farm and decided to take advantage of the fact.